What is GreenList?
Greenlist is a component of    It has been created to function a lot like Craigslist, but only for theatres.  The purpose of it is to allow theatres to share their resources.     No theatre can store everything that they produce for long.    Instead of throwing it away, keep it just a little while, and see if another theatre can use it.        The more theatres do this, the more stuff is available.     If you need something, post an ad.   If you have something useful that you don’t want to store for long, post it here.   Give it away or sell it, it’s your choice – there’s no sin in reclaiming
some of your invesment.
How do I make this work?
Browsing the ads
You probably walk through storage when thinking about your designs.   You are looking for raw materials and key elements.   With more and more theatres on GreenList, you can browse wider and farther at this stage.
Placing Want Ads
Know what you are looking for a little ahead of time.  If you don’t see it listed, post a wanted ad.  Make
sure the theatres in your region know what you are interested in.    
Listing Items
Is it worth keeping?  How often will you use it?   How bulky is it?  Too many years of too many big weird things can overload storage in a theatre.   Decide while you are making it: Do we want it?   If not, plan on storing it long enough for somebody else who wants it to take it.    Decide how long you are willing to store it until that happens. 1) Got design drawings?   Scan them, digitize them, convert them to jpegs.
2) Is it onstage now?   Photograph it! Your cell phone camera will do just fine!  This is not portfolio time, this is just a snapshot.
3) At strike, tag everything that you plan to GreenList with a GREENLISTED tag, available here.
4) Put the item into your storage.

5)  List the item on GreenList,  Upload the design drawings and digital photos if you have that stuff.   Otherwise, just write a nice description.
List it for free or for sale – your choice.
6) Keep it until someone claims it, or you are no longer willing to store it.
Selecting a Category
All  fifty U.S. States are listed, and Ontario as well.   All of these have been grouped into regions based on regional sections of USITT (The United States Institute for Theatre Technology).    Some states belong to more than one region.  Choose whichever region you would like to include your ad in.   You may list your ad in more than one region in the same state.   

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